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Profile by Sanford COVID Age Calculator™

The COVID Age Calculator™ provides you an easy way to estimate your risk of complications due to COVID-19 infection. Because the risk for COVID-19 complications increases with age, your COVID Age is calculated by considering your Chronological Age plus additional risk factors that may be reversible, and determining the equivalent age of someone of your gender having no additional risk factors.

For example, if your Chronological Age is 45 and your COVID Age is 64, your COVID Age is more like that of a 64 year old of average good health without any risk factors, i.e. you are at a higher risk for developing complications like the need for hospitalization, admission to ICU and Death, than that based solely on your Chronological Age.

Profile by Sanford Unveils New COVIDAge Calculator™

“Understanding individual risk is complicated. We know that there are several factors other than age that impact the risk of complications if someone has COVID–19. The COVIDAge Calculator™ allows people to more clearly understand the individual and combined contribution of each health metric,” says Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert Stephen Herrmann, PhD. “Access to this information can help people understand how the virus might impact them based on their current health status“. READ MORE

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